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Medical tourism

Medical treatment abroad

At Migratio, a doctor will guide you in selecting a hospital, not a salesperson. 

Migratio’s specialist medical tourism team have one aim in mind: to arrange the finest international healthcare treatment for our clients. 

Medical tourism has grown exponentially in the last decade. Tourists are actively seeking out the best healthcare service available to them, at the best price. This may not be in their native country. Competition is fierce in this fast growing market. Meaning that clients can benefit from state of the art facilities in any one of our trusted centres. Whether you require a cosmetic procedure, dental work, or major heart surgery, trust Migratio to arrange your treatment. 

Our team of professionals select only the best healthcare providers to add to our portfolio. Every year, we expand our services to include yet more locations. Giving our clients the choice they deserve.  


A bespoke service

Patients are attracted to the spa-like luxury that some foreign hospitals offer, seeing the opportunity to be pampered as an additional benefit of their surgery. Our more elite locations provide their patients with stunning facilities, including luxurious, private recovery suites.

Whether you are looking for one-to-one nursing, or an idyllic location in which to recover, Migratio deliver a bespoke client experience.


More than just healthcare

After your surgery, why not recover overlooking white sands and a glittering ocean? Many of our clients turn their medical treatment into a relaxing vacation. Taking the opportunity to unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life. 

If your insurance company are covering major costs, this can also be an inexpensive way to travel for pleasure. 


Bypassing rules and regulations

Every country adheres to their own strict medical policies and regulations. Yet these differ widely. For example, if you are seeking weight loss surgery, you may be denied this in one country, if your weight is below their target standard. However, if you travel aboard, you may in fact qualify for the surgery, as they assess against another parameter. This is particularly relevant with regard to transplant surgery.  

Some tourists seek out treatment abroad in order to bypass a specific rule or regulation set by their own country. The team at Migratio will support you in making the best choice for you, both medically and personally. 


Language assistance 

Undergoing surgery can be an anxious time for patients and their families. Experiencing a language barrier, in an unfamiliar environment, can leave many feeling isolated and vulnerable. 

Migratio will arrange for a translator to be with you, throughout the duration of your stay in hospital. They will be a fluent, native speaker, and in most cases, they will know the hospital well. So relax in the knowledge that you will be in control of your treatment and recovery. 


Trust Migratio

Our medical tourism team can obtain quotes from over 300 hospitals worldwide. So take the stress away from arranging international medical care. Trust our professional and dedicated team to organise it for you. 


Lowest price guarantee

With no agency fees to incur, you can enjoy our lowest price guarantee. 


Top quality service

Our bespoke service includes visa assistance. 


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